Arizona Knife Collectors Association Bylaws
BYLAWS: Effective as of February 24, 2011 Revision 2

The Arizona Knife Collectors Association is an organization for knife enthusiasts. The purpose of this organization is to promote education and public awareness in the use, handling, and safety of edged implements, as well as to assist in the development of information regarding every aspect of knives: knife making, collecting, and exhibiting, thru the coordination and sponsorship of trade shows and by conducting regular meetings.

In 1981, a small group of knife enthusiasts met to form the Arizona Knife Collectors Association (AKCA). The AKCA incorporated in the state of Arizona in 1991 as a non-profit organization. The AKCA holds regular meetings, generally each month, and sponsors one or two trade shows each year.

The AKCA does not place any emphasis on the style of knives that members collect, make, treasure, or enjoy. The AKCA also contracts the manufacturing of an annual club knife that is offered on a limited basis to current club members. The AKCA generally publishes meeting notices for the regular meetings as well as a quarterly newsletter that is received by all current members.

Article 1
Name and Location
1.1 The name of the corporation shall be the Arizona Knife Collectors Association.
1.2 The registered office of the corporation shall be the address of the current elected President of the AKCA.
1.3 Other offices for the transaction of business shall be located at such places as the Board of Directors and/or the President may determine.

Article 2
2.1 Membership is granted by the Board of Directors and President.
2.2 Membership qualifications are an interest in collecting or making, or an appreciation of knives.
2.3 Membership dues must be paid to the Treasurer of the AKCA by January 1st for one year in advance. Failure to pay dues by April 1st will result in immediate and automatic loss of membership. Annual dues represent the period from April 1st to March 31st of the current calendar year.

Article 3
Membership Meeting
3.1 Meetings will be run according to Robert’s Rules of Order with the Parliamentarian being appointed by the President at the beginning of each meeting.
3.2 The annual business meeting of the membership shall be held in February of each year at the location determined by the Board of Directors and the President. At this meeting the membership shall nominate the Club Officers: President, Vice President /Secretary, and Treasurer. The membership shall also nominate three Board members (Directors). Elections will be held at the March meeting by written ballot. All elected Officers and Directors shall serve a two year term or until their successors have been elected.
3.3 Notice of the time and place of the annual business meeting and any special meetings of the members shall be issued by the President to each member at least seven days before the date thereof.

Article 4
4.1 A quorum shall represent twenty percent of the members in good standing in the association at any duly called AKCA meeting. When a quorum is once present to organize a meeting, the quorum is not broken by the subsequent withdrawal of any of those present.
4.2 A vote of the majority (50% + 1) of the members in good standing present shall be the act of the corporation.
4.3 At Board meetings the President will present the agenda and will have no vote unless a tie occurs.
4.4 When a vote is called on the floor of a regular meeting the Officers and Directors shall have a vote like all members in good standing.

Article 5
Powers and Duties
5.1 The business and property of the corporation shall be managed by the elected Club Officers and Board of Directors.
5.2 The President of the AKCA shall be the corporation’s principal executive officer and shall exercise general supervision and control over the business and affairs of the AKCA and the meetings of the Board of Directors. The President of the AKCA shall see that all orders and resolutions of the Board of Directors are carried into effect. The President shall appoint and dissolve committees as the President deems appropriate. The President shall have general superintendence and direction of all the other Officers of the AKCA and see that their respective duties are properly performed. The President shall submit an annual report of the operations of the corporation to the Board of Directors and shall report from time to time all matters within the President’s knowledge that should be brought to the attention of the Board of Directors.
5.3 The Vice President/Secretary of the AKCA shall assist the AKCA President with delegated duties. He will also keep written minutes of each meeting. In the case of the inability of the AKCA President to perform his duties, the Vice President- Secretary of the AKCA shall assume the President’s power and duties.
5.4 The Treasurer of the AKCA shall be its chief fiscal officer and custodian of its funds, securities, and property. The Treasurer’s duties are to maintain adequate and correct accounts and ledgers of the business transactions of the AKCA which are open to inspection by the President and the Board Members. The Treasurer’s duties also are to have the care and custody of the funds and valuables of the AKCA and deposit same in the name of the AKCA and to credit of the AKCA with only such depositories as the Board of Directors may designate. The Treasurer shall maintain accurate lists and descriptions of all capital assets of the AKCA. Checks and drafts for payment of indebtedness issued in the name of the AKCA shall be signed by the Treasurer except in case of inability the President shall assume the Treasurer’s power and duties, until which time the Treasurer can resume his or her responsibilities or the Board of Directors determines otherwise.

Article 6
Fiscal Year
6.1 The last day of the fiscal year of the AKCA shall be March 31st.

Article 7
Amendment of Bylaws
7.1 These bylaws may be altered, amended or repealed, and new bylaws may be adopted by a vote of three fourths of all Club Officers and the Board of Directors or by the majority vote of the members at any regular, special meeting of the members. Voting by members shall be carried out by quorum of members present.

Certification of Adoption:
I, Ray Rybar, President of the AKCA hereby certify that the foregoing bylaws were duly adopted by the AKCA Membership by written consent dated February 24,2011, a majority of the Membership voting to adopt such bylaws, and that these bylaws have been filed with the books and records of the AKCA.

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